Weeknotes 1

March 17, 2019

Stumbled across a collection of weeknote posts on Jeremy Keith’s website. Lately it has been difficult finding the time to post on my website (I'm hoping to rebuild it soon,) so this seems like a great way to keep something going in the meantime.

Work Stuff:

  • Had meeting this week where we shared overviews of recent projects. Always inspiring and great to work with so many people doing cool things outside of the Drupal bubble that I sometimes live in.
  • Been doing a lot of prep for MidCamp. I’ve been helping out with organizing the event, and I’m doing a training along with two sessions (originally one, but I’m filing in for a cancellation.) It’s stressful, but I love the camp so I’m happy to endure the PowerPoint burnout. I’m excited for the talks, and it is been fun dusting off my old analytics hat for the training.
  • Project wise, I’ve been digging into Drupal Commerce for the first time. Taking a bit to wrap my head around it, but I’m liking it thus far.
  • Received some positive recognition at work for my efforts over the last year. Helps put some extra gas in the tank during what is going to be a busy couple of weeks.
  • Got a nice shout of from Ryan at Hook 42 in their Florida Drupal Camp wrap up.
  • My office now has an Nintendo 64 with the original Smash Brothers. This is big news.

Personal Stuff:

  • Found out that Colin did really well on some advanced placement testing. He’ll destroy us all soon.
  • I’m really itching for some warmer weather. Forced myself to run outside this weekend even though it was still a little cold - well worth it once I warmed up. Also really looking forward to getting back to outdoor barbecue.

Stuff I'm Into:

I made it through my first weeknote!