My Re-Retirement From Comedy

May 7, 2018

If the photo above of me forcing Evan to perform much of the show as a talking broom didn't make it clear, being back at ImprovBoston for the 10th anniversary of Harold Night was a blast. It was strange being back in the building at first, but once I set foot on stage it felt as if no time had passed at all. And I even had an opportunity to publicly shame my brother for his eating habits, which makes the night a success by any measure.

Thanks to all who took in this over the top show, avoided my flailing limbs when I repeatedly climbed over audience chairs, and humored a now dad-heavy group of improvisers as they gave comedy one more spin. Being able to see so many great friends that I hadn't seen in years makes getting stuck on the red line for an hour more than worth it.

The show was such a success that I'll once again be retiring from improv effective immediately. I'll see you all at the 20 year reunion.

(Photo via @haroldnight. Another great photo set is available on the Harold Night Facebook page.)