MidCamp Needs Your Help

February 9, 2018

MidCamp is my home base Drupal camp and one that I've attended for years. This week the organizers apparently ran into a pretty major snag with some budgeting issues with the venue.

For me, MidCamp is a really important part of staying connected with the Chicago-area Drupal community. It is also the first Drupal event I ever presented at, and I'm scheduled to speak again this year. I'd really hate to see MidCamp have to scale back and not be the MidCamp we all know it can be.

There are many ways you can help. If you have a company (or a rich uncle) that could sponsor, that could make a huge difference. If you have the means to become an individual sponsor, that would help too. Word is that they are also working on an option to accept smaller donations as well. And if none of that is possible, registering or volunteering helps.

Do what you can, and hopefully we can all make it happen. Looking forward to seeing everyone in Chicago in March.

Update: MidCamp is also accepting donations of any size