Looking Forward to DrupalCon Nashville

April 6, 2018

Very much looking forward to spending next week in Nashville attending my 4th DrupalCon. The spontaneous and unplanned stuff is half of the fun, but there are a few things that are locked on my schedule.

Monday: Decoupled Summit - I'm excited to hear more about what people are doing in the decoupled Drupal space. This will be my first time attending a summit at DrupalCon as well.

Tuesday 1 PM: Components and the Layout Initiative BOF - I'll be leading an open discussion on how the Layout Initiative might impact our component-based workflows. I've really enjoyed the BOFs I've led in the past and expect this to be no exception.

Wednesday 3:45 PM: Hot JAMS(tack): Building a Music Discovery App with Drupal and React - I'll be sharing my experience building a music discovery app with Drupal and React in my first ever talk at DrupalCon.

Thursday: Who knows!

Friday: Sprints - after a week of exciting new ideas, having a sprint to go hands on is a great way to end the week. I plan on getting back to some forward progress on the Foundation Patterns theme.

Can't wait to say see friends old and new, learn a bunch of cool new stuff, and land a country music recording contract.