July 11, 2018

In June I had the chance to see two dates of the Be More Kind tour with Frank Turner and the Sleeping Souls. Both shows had completely different and amazing sets of openers.

June 23, 2018 - Aragon Ballroom (Chicago)

  • The Menzingers - Happy to finally get a chance to see these guys live after listening to them since Chamberlain Waits. Had the whole place singing along, even as openers.
  • Lucero - I've seen Lucero before, so I knew they put on a great show and have been on the road long enough to have zero fucks left to give. Even knowing that, I was shocked that they came out and played their entire unreleased new album front to back. The new album sounds great, but would have been nice to hear a song or two I knew.
  • Frank Turner and the Sleeping Souls - a surprisingly well oiled machine live. The stuff off of his new album Be More Kind sounded great live.

June 27, 2018 - Royale (Boston)

  • Restorations - Double dipped on this tour via stubhub for a chance to see this band, and they put on a fantastic opening set. Can't recommend them enough.
  • Jeff Rosenstock - since this was a one off gig he played the set acoustic (a little over half solo, the rest with some local friends backing him) which isn't necessarily the ideal way to see one of my favorite punk acts. That said, the songs still hold up. Was also cool to see Laura Stevenson filling in with him.

I had to bail before Frank Turner in Boston because I had to get prepped for a presentation the next day, but I'm sure it was great.